Packing and Shipping Your Materials

UPS and the USPS have proven to be easy and reliable delivery systems. Although Fedex should also work fine, we have relied on UPS and the postal system for scores of shipments and there has never been a problem.

Use a sturdy, appropriately-sized carton. Pack the tapes inside with some cushioning around them. Add the paperwork we send you in the carton, and seal it up well.

Send the carton to: Audio Rescue, 106 Salem Drive, Forest VA 24551-1306.

When the carton arrives, we’ll let you know, and we’ll check-in your tapes for processing.

Packing Notes:

When magnetic media are transported, temperatures should not exceed 110° F. Collections are most safely transported in the spring or the fall when outdoor temperatures are moderate, or during the winter. Summer shipments should not be a problem as professional carriers are not likely to put them at risk. But caution is needed on your part: don’t leave them baking in your car on the way to drop them off.

Tapes and cassettes should be shipped in the same orientation as they are stored (vertical) with the weight of the tape pack being supported by the reel hub. Tapes that are shipped in a horizontal position are more subject to damage from dropping and other forms of shock.

Media should be protected from damage due to shock by packing them in materials that will absorb shock. Bubble wrap is good for this. Shock-absorbing packaging may also have the added advantage of providing insulation that helps protect the media from large swings in temperature and humidity.