Audio Digitizing
for College and University Libraries and Archives


Academic archives and libraries may have audio reels, cassettes, and DATs processed for $40 per audio program. Most programs digitized have been a lecture, speech, interview, forum, or radio program. All of this is included:

  • Each tape examined, programs digitized, and audio processed for best listening quality.
  • The tapes will be returned to the school library or archive, along with the WAV and MP3 audio files on USB thumb drives or on a portable hard drive for orders of 10 or more programs. (Hard drive may be included for fewer programs at a cost of $50.)
  • You’ll be invoiced for the work when your digitizing and storage is completed and your materials are shipped back to you.
* Copyright and

Commercially-produced programs will not be put online. Musical programs will not appear online unless copyright-cleared. Those programs will still be digitized, and returned to the school with audio files. Speech recordings of school-sponsored events prior to February 14, 1972 are usually the property of the institution and not a copyright issue. Voice recordings after February 14, 1972 will be considered individually for concerns. Most of those we process are “works for hire” or participants in a church or school-sponsored program and appropriate to put online.

Resources for Sending Tapes
PDF Download a submission form to fill out for sending tapes.


PDF Download a sheet with instructions for packing and shipping.
To the Landfill, or Save the Audio?