Sample Audio:

Programs We’ve Digitized and Processed

What do taped programs sound like after they’ve been digitized? They sound about the way the tapes sounded on playback, but better.

There’s always cleanup to be done, to get rid of as much noise as possible, and to clarify the sound of the program. Here are a few samples, which come from a project that makes some of our programs available on

These are fairly low-level MP3 files. The WAV files are even better quality.

♦ 1939 | Audio Cassette | United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History | 1939 Unification to Form The Methodist Church | A recording of the final vote, the moment in which the Methodist Church was created. It is a fine example of migrating audio, originally on disk, later transferred to audiotape.

♦ 1960 | Reel-to-Reel | National Council of Churches / Presbyterian Historical Society | National Council of Churches of Christ Constituting Convention | Digitized by PHS and processed by us.

♦ 1965 | Reel-to-Reel | Drew University | Focus on the Revolution | Three faculty members discuss their participation in the March 1965 civil rights march to Selma, Alabama.

♦ 1966 | Reel-to-Reel | Riverside Church, New York City | This is a theological lecture by Rev. Dr. Robert James McCracken, senior pastor of Riverside Church in New York from 1946 to 1967.

♦ 1968 | Reel-to-Reel | Edmund S. Muskie Archives | Night Call: A Talk with Presidential Candidate Hubert H. Humphrey

♦ 1983 | Audio Cassette | Southern Methodist University | The Terrible Alternative |  This presentation by the Rev. Dr. James Lawson was the first of three Peyton Lectures at the 1983 Perkins Ministers’ Week.

♦ 1985 | Audio Cassette | Wesley Theological Seminary | Wesleyan Theology: A Summary | This presentation by Albert C. Outler was part of the 1984-85 Willson Lecture Series.

♦ 1986 | Reel-to-Reel | Catch the Spirit of Christmas | Audio version of the Christmas special from the “Catch the Spirit” TV series.

♦ 1989 | Audio Cassette | Boston University | America in Search of a Soul | The Rev. Dr. Vincent Harding delivered this address at the Howard Thurman Convocation held at Vanderbilt School of Theology in Nashville, Tennessee.