Price Schedule

Prices below are per-program. A program is normally a speech, lecture, interview, radio program, or similar. Each program will be saved as three files:

  • 16-bit / 44.1 Kbps (CD Quality) WAV file, original and unprocessed preservation file
  • 16-bit / 44.1 Kbps (CD Quality) WAV file, processed for best listening quality
  • 96 Kbps / 44.1 KHz MP3 file

Each program’s two archive WAV files and the MP3 file will be returned on a USB thumb drive. You can upgrade storage to a portable hard drive for $50. For orders of 10 or more programs, a portable hard drive will be provided at no additional charge.


Cost to Digitize a Program, Process It,
and Save it as Three Files

Digitize the program, save as a wav file, process for quality, save as wav and mp3 files.$40

Added OptionDescriptionCost
Portable Hard DriveAll files stored and returned on a portable hard drive. (Free on orders of 10 or more programs.)$50
Extra High-quality WAV FilesEach WAV file saved at 24-bit / 96 Kbps. (Unnecessary for voice programs.)Additional $10 per program
Program also saved on an Audio CDCD that can play on a standard CD playerAdditional $10 per program

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  • Optional: Individual Program Additions
  • Optional: Upgrade Program Storage