About Audio-Rescue

Every job is focused on archive and library needs: audio presentations in the academic environment and faith organizations.

We process audiotape only: audio cassettes, reel-to-reel, and digital audio tape (DAT).

We adhere to standard concepts of digitizing original audio for archive use. We supply these digital elements:

    • WAV file (CD Quality) unprocessed, as your preservation copy
    • WAV file (CD Quality) processed for best listening
    • MP3 file of the processed program

Upgrades and additional options:

    • Files can be provided on a portable hard drive for an additional $50. This is provided at no cost for orders of 10 or more programs at one time.
    • Upgrade¬†to archive quality WAV files is $10 per program.
    • Programs can be also provided on standard audio CDs at $10 per program.

In addition, we return all your original materials returned to you.

Sample Rescued Audio

In a special program with theological schools and archives, we have digitized and preserved more than 1,000 programs that can be heard on the site: SoundTheology.org. You are invited to visit that site and listen to the MP3s. Each of these programs was also saved as a WAV file for the originating institution, and sometimes also delivered as an audio CD. You can also hear some examples on our Sample Audio page.

Owner-Operator: Mike Hickcox

    • Digitizing Experience: has digitized more than 1,200 audio programs – radio programs, lectures, interviews, sermons, and other presentations.
    • Audio Online Projects: SoundTheology.org, Church of the Saviour, Church of the Covenant
    • Radio Experience: anchor and/or news director: WTIC, Hartford CT | WBIS, Bristol CT | WHEB, Portsmouth NH | WZNN, Rochester NH
    • Education: B.A., Northeastern Univ. | M.Div., Iliff School of Theology | M.A. University of Denver
    • Teaching: Communication, University of New Hampshire
    • Clergy Status: United Church of Christ (1990-present) | United Methodist (1976-1990)